Consultation service and Thai visa application for South Korea nationals who wish to reside in Thailand Global Visa Service

Consultation service and Thai visa application for South Korea nationals who wish to reside in Thailand 

    Thailand is a destination that attracts a considerable number of South Korean tourists, thanks to its distinctive culture, unrivaled delicious food, and unbelievably beautiful natural landscapes. These are reasons why Thailand is a place you shouldn't miss.

Astonishing Culture

Thailand has a unique culture, reflected through rituals, art, and everyday life patterns of the Thai people. Visiting magnificent temples and the reverence for Buddhism leaves an indelible impression on South Korean tourists without a doubt.

Unique Flavors of Thai Cuisine

Thai food is among the most renowned in the world because of its aromatic fragrance and complex flavors. Whether it's Tom Yum Goong, Pad Thai, or vegetarian dishes, every meal has a unique characteristic that you must try.

Natural Scenery

Thailand offers a diverse range of landscapes, from steep mountains to white sandy beaches. South Koreans who love adventure will fall in love with the beauty of this land. However, soaking up the serene atmosphere of the islands is also an experience not to be missed.

Thai Hospitality

What makes Thailand unique is the warmth of its people. From the welcoming smile to offering help, these characteristics make tourists feel like they are at home.

Tips for South Korean Tourists


Learning some basic Thai phrases such as 'สวัสดี' (hello) and 'ขอบคุณ' (thank you) will help you communicate better with the locals.

Currency Exchange and Financial Management

It is recommended to exchange Korean won for Thai Baht before leaving South Korea and have an ATM or credit card that can be used in Thailand for convenience in payment. Thailand uses the "Baht (THB)" as its currency. For South Koreans looking to exchange to Thai currency, the rate is approximately 37.62 Korean Won (KRW) = 1 Baht (THB).

Weather and Clothing

Thailand is hot and humid all year round, so it's advisable to prepare clothes that are well-ventilated, hats, and sunglasses. When visiting temples or important religious sites, dress modestly and avoid revealing clothes.

Understanding Culture and Customs

Getting acquainted with the culture and customs of Thailand will help you understand and respect what you encounter during your travels, such as proper manners in worship, proper dressing, and polite language usage, which will make your travel more meaningful and satisfying.

The Importance of a Visa

The importance of having a Thai visa for South Koreans involves several key points that should be known. A visa is not only a legal document that permits entry into Thailand but also reflects understanding and preparedness for visiting the country.

A Gateway to New Experiences

Obtaining a Thai visa is fundamentally important as a gateway to new experiences in Thailand, whether it be an interest in culture, food, tourism, or business. Having the correct visa ensures that travel and stay go smoothly and safely.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Having a visa means that South Korean visitors strictly follow the laws and regulations of Thailand, which is important to avoid any legal issues that may arise.

Security and Safety

Having the correct visa also helps the Thai government to effectively monitor and control the entry and exit of foreigners to maintain the safety of both Thais and foreigners.

Endorsement for Entry

A visa serves as evidence that South Koreans are entitled to enter Thailand under specified conditions, which may include the purpose of the visit, duration of stay, and others.

Legal Living and Working

For South Koreans who wish to live or work in Thailand for an extended period, having the appropriate visa is necessary for legal living and working according to the law.

Applying for a Thai visa might seem like a cumbersome process for some, thus we recommend the Global Visa Service for advice and submission of all types of Thai visas. Our service will make your visa application process convenient, with a team of experienced and professional staff well-versed in visa laws and regulations. We will help you obtain the most suitable visa for you.

Introducing Types of Visas

Tourist Visa

  • Used for short-term tourism in Thailand.
  • Valid for 60 days, with the possibility of extending for another 30 days.
Required Documents
  • A passport with a validity of more than 6 months.
  • A 4x6 cm photo.
  • Proof of financial means for expenses during the stay in Thailand.
  • An invitation letter from relatives or contacts in Thailand (if available).

Work Visa

  • For those who wish to work in Thailand.
  • Must have an employment certificate from an employer in Thailand.
  • Valid for 1 year, and can be renewed.
  • Visa holders will receive a work permit.
Required Documents
  • A passport with more than 6 months of remaining validity.
  • A 4x6 cm photo.
  • An employment certificate from an employer in Thailand.
  • A copy of the employer's work permit.
  • Proof of education and work experience.

Education Visa

  • For individuals who will study at educational institutions in Thailand.
  • Must have an admission certificate from the educational institution.
  • Valid for 1 year and can be renewed according to the duration of the study period.
Required Documents
  • A passport with more than 6 months of remaining validity.
  • A 4x6 cm photo.
  • An admission certificate from an educational institution in Thailand.
  • Proof of financial means for expenses during the study period.
  • Educational background.

Retirement Visa

  • For individuals who wish to retire in Thailand
  • Must be at least 50 years of age on the date of application.
  • Valid for a stay of 1 year, with the possibility of renewal every year.
Required Documents
  • A passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity.
  • A 4x6 cm photo.
  • Proof of having a Thai bank deposit of no less than 800,000 Baht, or proof of an income of no less than 65,000 Baht per month.
  • A medical certificate showing good health.
  • A certificate of no criminal record.
and other types of visas, all categories

Our Work
We are dedicated to helping our clients obtain their visas smoothly and quickly. With more than 10 years of experience, our team of experts is ready to provide advice and professional services at every step.

Other Services of Ours

  • Translation and certification of documents in over 300 languages worldwide by a professional native speaking team.
  • Government document translation services by experts.
  • Translation and certification of documents by NAATI translators for visa applications at the Australian embassy, or for conducting transactions and communicating with governmental or private organizations in Australia.
  • Consultation services for visas, visa application submissions, visa processing, and assistance with visa rejections for Thais wishing to travel abroad.
  • Off-site language interpretation services, live interpretation, and ONLINE interpretation in all languages worldwide.
  • Document certification/Signature certification/Document copy certification by a NOTARY PUBLIC lawyer.
  • Document certification by embassies, all embassies worldwide.
  • Translation and certification of documents by Ministry of Justice translators.
And many more. Contact us now.

Advantages of Global Visa Service

Comprehensive Services: Global Visa Service often offers a variety of services to assist with visa applications, whether it's for tourist visas, business visas, or student visas, as well as providing help with necessary documentation.

Expert Advice: Such services often have a team of experts for checking and evaluating the necessary documents for visa applications, which helps increase the chances of obtaining a visa.

Time-Saving: Using a Global Visa Service can significantly reduce the time spent on researching and applying for visas, as everything will be managed by the service.

Application Tracking: Many Global Visa Service have online document and application tracking systems, allowing users to easily monitor progress.

Data Security: Personal information and important documents are well cared for and managed under high security standards.

Multilingual Support: Most of these services have staff who can provide support and services in multiple languages to accommodate the needs of customers from around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions about Applying for a Thai Visa

What documents do I need to prepare for a Thai visa application?

  • Generally, you will need to prepare a passport with at least 6 months validity, passport-sized photos, a completed visa application form, financial evidence, and proof of accommodation or return flight tickets (in some cases).

Which visa should I apply for when I want to travel to Thailand?

  • You should apply for a Tourist Visa if you are planning to travel to Thailand for tourism.

Where can I apply for a Thai visa?

  • You can apply for a Thai visa at the Thai embassy or consulate in your country.

How much is the fee for applying for a visa?

  • The fee for applying for a visa may vary depending on the type of visa and the country where you are applying. It is best to check this information with the Thai embassy or consulate to get accurate details.

How long does the visa application process take?

  • The processing time can vary depending on the type of visa and the embassy, generally taking between 3-10 business days.

What is the maximum validity of a Thai visa?

  • The validity of a Thai visa depends on the type of visa. Tourist visas can have a duration from 30 days up to 60 days, depending on the nationality of the applicant.

Can I extend my visa while in Thailand?

  • Yes, you can extend your visa at an immigration office in Thailand. However, you should apply for the extension before your current visa expires.

How much financial proof do I need?

  • Normally, you need to demonstrate that you have sufficient funds for your stay in Thailand, which might range from 20,000 baht for an individual traveler to 40,000 baht for those traveling with a family.

Do I need health insurance to apply for a visa?

  • In some cases, you may be required to have health insurance that covers the duration of your stay in Thailand.

What happens if my visa application is denied?

  • If your visa application is denied, you can request the reasons for the denial from the embassy or consulate. This will allow you to plan for reapplication or to amend and improve your application documents for increased accuracy and completeness.

Reviews from customers across Thailand

South Korean customers who have utilized the services of Global Visa Service shared their unanimous impression of the excellent service they received. A survey of 12 individuals from across the country and including major economic areas and districts in Bangkok revealed

  1. From Chiang Mai: Kim Hoyun
    "Fast and efficient coordination! The team provided clear guidance on visa details, enabling me to prepare my documents accurately and completely."

  2. From Khao Yai: Park Jinkyu
    "Global Visa Service has a very professional team. It felt like having an expert friend to assist with my visa at all times."

  3. From Bangkok (Sathorn District): Hwang Jimin
    "Handling my visa through this service was comforting as they managed everything smoothly, making difficult tasks easy."

  4. From Phuket: Choi Minho
    "Service beyond expectations! In addition to helping with visas, they also gave good travel advice."

  5. From Khon Kaen: Seong Eunwoo
    "Quick process, you can definitely rely on them to meet your travel schedule."

  6. From Pathum Thani: Lee Jihun
    "Made complex document work simple. The team here is very understanding and patient."

  7. From Chiang Rai: Kim Namjoon
    "Excellent communication and very useful advice in using their services."

  8. From Surat Thani: Jung Hyun
    "I was impressed by their reliability and direct service. I requested additional documents in the morning, and by afternoon, I received them."

  9. From Chonburi: Kim Taeyon
    "Professionalism felt immediately upon starting their service. The team is attentive and highly skilled."

  10. From Bangkok (Bang Rak District): Lee Seongkyu
    "Global Visa Service made visa application easy and worry-free. The team provided clear and comprehensive information."

  11. From Nakhon Ratchasima: Kim Suhyun
    "Visas are no longer difficult with their service. They managed everything in an orderly manner."

  12. From Ayutthaya: Kwon Jiyong
    "I was highly impressed with the level of service from Global Visa Service. They made my visa process much easier.

       If you require further consultation or our services, please contact us via our website or call us at 094-8958999. Global Visa Service is ready to assist at every step of your journey. Thank you for trusting Global Visa Service to prepare for your travel. We wish you a safe and joyful journey.

          However, if you have any questions or need more information, please contact us by phone at 094-8958999, through our Line Official ID: @Globalvisa, or send an email to We are happy to provide consultation and answer any questions you may have.

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